Pop is a new range of outdoor furniture consisting of eleven products: three types of benches, a table, three urban partitions and four planters. The series gives a light impression, despite the solid construction. The construction is inspired by a branch, with a change in dimension from the sturdy legs to the leaner tubes, which hold the leaf-like perforated sheets. The nature-inspired motifs interpreted in a classic industrial language position the series in the tension between architecture and nature.




The series provides three different benches: with or without armrests, and a backless version.


The design of the table is based on the same inspiration as the benches, giving it a light and friendly expression, which is suitable for both public spaces and housing associations.


In addition to the practical aspect of the perforated holes, which transport water away from the horizontal plates, this feature gives a decorative, transparent look to the furniture, adding to the light expression and giving visibility to the structure below.


The Pop series can be supplied in different colour combinations to suit any project. The furniture is made in a way that makes it possible to select different colours for the perforated sheets and the rest of the product. The two colours popping against each other inspired the name of the series.


The different products in the series can be combined in countless ways. This example shows two backless benches combined with one of the urban partitions, which functions as a taller backrest, giving a greater sense of privacy in the urban space.


Another combination: two different urban partitions used as trellises for plants inside the long, low planters, creating a lush and living environment for the backless benches.

The urban partitions come in three sizes with different hole types. They have several functions, and can be used, for example, as trellises for climbing plants, as notice boards, or as flexible elements for creating intimate spaces in the urban jungle.


The urban partitions have perforated holes which are tilted at three different angles: horizontal, diagonal and vertical. The shadows of the walls are reminiscent of the shadows of trees, building on the nature-insprired look of the series.


The Pop series will be launched at Vestre’s stand A36:21 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The press launch is on 9th February at 15.00.