Liv is a series of vases and torches made of mouth blown glass. The different shapes inspires a varied and playful use, and works well both individually and in groups. The vases are made of transparent glass. This gives the flowers light, and the user a full view of the content, while at the same time defining the space around it. The lantern comes in both transparent and dark cobalt blue glass. The cobalt blue lantern makes the light within it appear like the moon on a dark night sky.

In four of the objects, the glass is shaped like a hood that embraces the content. The flowers or light get their own defined space, emphasizing them as the focal point, and giving them extra value. Accordingly, the vases are also suitable for one single flower. The glass hood can also support the flower by holding it up or help it climb.

The fifth vase is a large object with a dramatic curve on top, where the flowers can climb. The shape and size of the vase makes it reminiscent of a large tree that towers over the other vases, an association that is underlined by the organic shapes of the entire series. The sixth vase is a small object with a narrow neck. It can for example accommodate a handful of wildflowers on the windowsill or a single wild rose on the nightstand.

Manufacturer: Magnor Glassverk.
Material: Transparent and cobalt blue glass
Photos: Erik Five Gunnerud