The Gro vase has a colored inside, surrounded by a web of veins and a transparent outer shape. The object is made by use of the traditional graal technique. The glass is blown into a capsule shape, and then masked and sandblasted to reveal a vein pattern. It is later reheated and blown into the final shape. The clear outer layer forms a steady elephant foot displaying the delicate inner motif.

Gro is one of three vases in the experiment Graphic Vases, the other two being Else and Marie. The experiment is a collaboration between Kristine Five Melvær and the Norwegian glass manufacturer Magnor Glassverk, exhibited for the first time at the Verdi exhibition at Norway Designs in Oslo September 2014. The vases explore the tension and the relationship between the three-dimensional shapes and graphic surfaces of the objects. The aim is to bring together Melværs two disciplines of industrial design and graphic design, while utilizing the different techniques used by the skilled glass blowers at Magnor Glassverk.

Material: colored glass
Dimensions: W 150 mm H 220 mm
Photos: Erik Five Gunnerud